With lack of proof, we should be skeptical over VA claims of progress on claims backlog

On Monday afternoon, the Department of Veterans Affairs published a release claiming they’ve made “record setting” progress on the VA claims backlog. There were no supporting statistics or methodology behind their claims.

“This is evidence, that VA’s unprecedented modernization efforts are yielding positive results.” said VA Secretary Robert Wilke, who’s administration kicked members of congress from both parties out of VA facilities earlier this year, including representatives Darren Soto and Stephanie Murphy here in Orlando.

There also was not any published media reports at the time of this post to verify anything said in the announcement.

The VA has had a problem with transparency in recent years, stemming from scandal at individual facilities (story HERE) to larger controversies with leadership (story HERE).

There has also been continued problems in the Orlando area regarding the VA’s efficiency in helping vets get health care, work, and housing.

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