If Mike Bloomberg’s Orlando strategy looks familiar, it’s because Hillary Clinton used the same one

Thanks to a bottomless war chest, heavy rotation of ads, and a stumbling Joe Biden campaign, former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, could be considered the front runner in the greater Orlando area right now.

He’s got people on the ground, Stephanie Murphy is essentially his press secretary, and he just opened his second office in Sanford over the weekend, which joins the one that is already up and running near downtown.

Next you could expect a third office near UCF and a fourth one on the west side.

We’ve seen this before. It was in 2016 and these offices belonged to the Hilary Clinton campaign.

I know. I was there when they opened. All of them.

But it worked. Hillary won the tri-county area for the most part, even though she lost the state.

You start near downtown Orlando which is heavy blue and central to the area. Sanford has a core of older blue voters that will turnout in purple Seminole county. UCF has a large concentration of young voters that lean Democrat and can knock on doors. The west side has an active African-American voter base and Osceola County, which I mentioning for the first time, is now majority Hispanic.

So these are good decision, but you’re running a race in Florida against the rural areas where Trump is maxing out his support. Nearby, these would be places like Lake County and The Villages.

The question is will the Bloomberg campaign learn from the Clinton campaigns mistakes? That is a post for another day, but in short, it’s not going to be easy.

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