Recognize the Orlando Sentinel Guild, an open letter

Below is an open letter sent at 15:08 hours on Tuesday February 25th. I wanted you to read it and felt it was important to open it in case it was never found.

Dear Ms. Meyer,
Dear Ms. Anderson,
Dear Mr. Jimenez,

My name is Frank Torres and I’ve been an Orlando Sentinel reader for almost my entire life. I’m writing you today asking you to support the members of the newly formed Orlando Sentinel Guild, and their important mission that will allow them to look out for the people of Central Florida during perhaps it’s most crucial time.

All of you are professionals and have no doubt heard all of this before. I’ll be brief.

If you continue making cuts, this community will begin to suffer. Politicians and CEOs will go unchecked and begin abusing funds that do not belong to them. Trends in public safety will go unnoticed, allowing us to continue making the same mistakes over and over and potentially losing life in the process. Orlando will lose an important component of it’s connection to the rest of the world, allowing stories such as the healing which took place after the Pulse tragedy, and our combined efforts to recover after the hurricanes, to go untold.

You’ll have one of the fastest growing communities in the United States walking into the future blindfolded.

I read the Orlando Sentinel through newspaper machine glass while I was waiting for the school bus in Orange County as a kid. During my time in the military, I read two week old editions before digital took off, and today, it’s an important part of my life following current events.

It would be great to read a strong copy of the hometown paper moving forward. We’re counting on you to make that happen.


Frank Torres

PS: Bring back election year candidate video interviews. Thank you.

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