What they’re actually doing right in Orange County during the Coronavirus crisis

There is a whole lot of fail in Orange County government right now. Whether it’s a shutdown order that only hurts it’s most vulnerable citizens (story HERE and HERE) or the fact that the order itself is propelled by politics (story HERE) there is a lot not to like.

But in the interest of fairness, I’d like to take a moment to point out what they are doing right.

Well conducted and timely press conferences: They’ve been ran well with leaders from every sectors clearly giving out their instructions. Social distancing is observed most of the time and whether you agree with their methods or not, at least you know where we stand when they’re over.

Law enforcement
: Orange County Sheriff has been doing a fine job with his message. He’s in the position of actually having to enforce these orders and deputies ended a warehouse party the other night with 30 people. Under any circumstance, that’s usually a bad scene. They’re typically not baking cookies and playing board games at those.

Rent Assistance: While it’s execution hasn’t been conducted well, you’d be nuts to believe that the county’s heart isn’t in the right place here. Hopefully, they can get it together and help families in need.

Supporting services with food and education: Any efforts that the county carries out to try and supplement the nutritional and educational needs of the community can only be praised. These are the partnerships that the county and city should dedicate more time to instead of the special interests who are missing during this time.


Listen, this is a crisis. This is not meant to be easy and recovery will continue to be a struggle. There really have been some bad calls made on Rosalind ave. but it’s too easy to sit back and quarterback under shutdown without pointing out some of the good things they’re getting done as well.

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