The dialog between EA and gamers over how to fix franchise mode in the Madden series is still off

On Monday, Electronic Arts, the minds behind the Madden Football series, continued to try to communicate to players how they were going to fix the game’s franchise mode, after potential buyers voiced their frustrations over the product they have been getting in recent years and the lack of progress in fixing it.

I’ve said it before. In this particular instance the fault lies with the players. They still don’t have any real solutions for EA (story HERE).

But after Monday, it appears that EA is waiting until Madden 22 for real reform.

In the Gridiron Notes on franchise mode (link HERE), developers listed some improvements they were pledging for Madden 21. Mostly centered around commissioner tools that involved control over player transactions.

But Madden 22 involved more management over coaching and staffing, team chemistry, and options such as relocation, branding etc..

Once again gamers online were unhappy, slamming EA for not implementing all of those changes this year.

Now EA also pushed Madden Voice which would allow for community feedback but it’s not ready yet.

This put us in a situation where once again there was a disconnect between gamers and EA.

Meanwhile Madden continue to be vague with their recommendations. Often taking the opportunity to tell jokes than offer real solutions on how to fix one of the biggest video game franchises of all time.

But EA trying to move the conversation forward a whole year isn’t helping.

A true solution for my friends down in Orlando would be a wide open forum on how to fix the game. Stream it online and have a direct dialog between the customer and the creators. Make it public and put the pressure on everyone to really make these improvements matter.

Until then, we’re stuck with this confusing dialog that just frustrates both sides.

And everyone loses. The players. EA. And one of the biggest brands in gaming takes one more step backwards when fans need football the most.

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