Not everyone in Orlando will be sad to see Electric Daisy Carnival canceled

The Electric Daisy Carnival, a celebration of electronic dance music, and an excellent place to have your cellphone stolen, has been canceled in Orlando (story HERE).

While many of our events have been canceled this year, and we expect many more to join the list, there will be some that will be happy that EDC won’t be taking place this year.

And that would be the Parramore and Washington Shores areas of Orlando. The region which actually hosts the festivities.

They won’t miss the constant thumping of bass in their homes late at night. They won’t miss the hordes of drunk carnival goers stumbling through their yards. And they certainly won’t miss the drug use and proximity crime that takes place anytime you have that much people drinking and listening to EDM.

The truth is that those Orlando residents will sleep sound this year.

This isn’t an old fight either. This has been going on for years. Homeowners and their neighbors going to Orlando area officials and asking them to step in and stop the madness.

But the Orlando politicians haven’t done anything because there is money involved for downtown.

And none of that stays in the neighborhood that hosts EDC. Unlike college football games, these visitors leave the area and book their lodging miles away. There isn’t any business for local vendors. It might be the most parasitic event that takes place in the greater Orlando area all year.

But that’s not the attendees fault. They’re just there to listen to music.

It would be nice if Orlando area politicians would compel EDC organizers to drive more money into the Tinker Field community instead of just making a mess and leaving.

That way when EDC returns, it would actually be an event worth celebrating. For everyone.

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