You guys legit confused Sasha Banks for Rosario Dawson in the Mandalorian season 2 trailer

In what is proof that Star Wars nerds and Wrestling nerds need to hang out more (don’t be offended I’m both), fans online confused wrestler Sasha Banks (Mercedes Varnado) for actress Rosario Dawson in the new Mandalorian season two trailer.

Banks is briefly seen in a dark robe during the trailer, leading many to believe she might be the beloved Ahsoka from the Clone Wars mythology and who Dawson is expected to be playing.

That’s not the case. A quick update on both of them because I know both fans from Star Wars and the WWE read this.

Sasha “The Legit Boss” Banks is a former Women’s Champion in the WWE and one of their most popular performers. That’s because she’s also one of their best performers, who’s capable of drawing cheers and boos and can put on a great match with anyone.

Rosario Dawson has been acting for 25 years and has been in just about everything. Men In Black II, Luke Cage, Sin City, and much much more.

These two will only make the Mandalorian better.

Some other high points in the trailer, in addition to Banks:

Baby Yoda bailing: When things get hot around Baby Yoda, we see him shut his crib in a moment that will join his sipping meme for years to come.

: We’re not sure what’s going on but Mando’s ship apparently ticked off some X-Wings and we see them in pursuit of what we believe are our heroes.

That closing shot: In what looks like the end of a tremendous action sequence, we see Mando deliver a kill shot a a big baddie to end the trailer.

Seriously, “The Mandalorian” was better than expected in season 1 and even garnered an Emmy nom for Best Dramatic series. October 30th can’t get here fast enough.

You can watch the trailer below. And I really hope you caught the irony of this post’s title.

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