Roman Reigns, Alexa Bliss, Hurt Business, all great right now because of breaking new ground and having fun

Alexa Bliss has always been a favorite WWE Superstar of mine. It’s no secret why I’m enjoying her latest turn with the Fiend.

The Hurt Business has won me over, but it took a couple of weeks. Now they’re one of my favorite parts of Monday Night RAW.

Roman Reigns has been the Brussel Sprouts of my WWE diet. But with Paul Heyman and Jey Uso, I’ll eat them any day of the week.

They all have two things in common. All of these athletes are going into new places they’ve never been with WWE. And all of these athletes look locked in and appear to be enjoying themselves.

Bliss, along with the Sasha/Bayley feud has been the highlight of Smackdown for me in recent weeks. The subtle changes in her appearance and demeanor were fun, and then she started using the Sister Abigail finisher and that pushed it to a whole new level. Now their incorporating the Fiend’s music and we’re all set for whatever may come next. This is an exciting time for Bliss fans.

The big moment for the Hurt Business was the showdown with RETRIBUTION two weeks back. It was an anti hero moment not many superstars have been able to channel since the attitude era. They’re feuding with the likeable Apollow Crews, but when they stopped at the top of that ramp to get ready to rush RETRIBUTION for that show ending brawl, that was good enough to get people shouting at the TV to root for these guys. Just a bunch of fun

And then there is Roman Reigns. And this tweet which inspired me to write this article.

Goodness man. That is gold. And it’s only taken just the right amount of pull from Paul Heyman. Reigns is great. We all know that. He just needs the right things to do. And working with his cousin Jey Uso, is exactly that kind of project. I can’t wait until Clash Of Champions, because there is nothing in either of these two Athlete’s track record of work to make me believe it won’t be a great match.

It’s this kind of development that allows me to really enjoy WWE. Give me as much as you’ve got!

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