The Masked Singer: Celebrity just decides to unmask himself


The second week of The Masked Singer, and the introduction of Group B, gave us a first from the popular program, with the reveal coming to us just because the celebrity thought it was just too plain hot inside of his costume.

At the end of the show, Academy Award nominee for “The Wrestler”, Mickey Rourke, just decided his gremlin costume was burning him up and decided to not stand on ceremony by taking his own mask off.

It was an unexpected and fun twist for the show, and it takes these kinds of curveballs to keep the concept fresh. Rourke’s stunt did just that.

Other costumes included a Crocodile, Seahorse, Gremlin, a Serpent, a Baby Alien, and a Watchamcallit. The Serpent had a particularly great performance and had me thinking it was Seal. That would be pretty cool.

Baby Alien had people thinking Ralph Macchio and David Schwimmer.

Crocodile brought Jon Hamm and Nick Lachey to mind.

Really, both groups have been great. This will make for some good viewing as the season moves along.

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