WWE Smackdown: Surprising returns and some big draft moves

The beginning of the WWE Draft on Friday Night Smackdown did not disappoint bringing an episode of superstar returns and some big names switching brands.

The night one highlights of the draft included Seth Rollins heading to Smackdown along with Rey Mysterio and son Dominick, allowing them to continue their rivalry. Along with AJ Styles and Bianca Belair who are headed to RAW.

And the biggest split of the night caused by the draft involved the New Day with a returning Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston coming back and winning the tag titles from Nakamura and Cesaro, only to immediately get drafted to RAW, leaving Big E alone once again.

All of the singles champions will remain on their current brand. The only other superstars to switch brands were Miz and Morrison who will move to RAW, as well as Naomi who will do the same.

We also had some big matches in addition to the tag titles switching hands. Sasha Banks defeated Bayley by DQ, the two will meet again inside Hell In A Cell. The Fiend easily dispatched of Kevin Owens and faded out into the darkness with Alexa Bliss.

The draft will continue over the weekend on the WWE Network and the second big night will be on Monday Night RAW.

Results below in two slides.

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