Supermarket Sweep return could thrive if it captures magic of the 90s run

Growing up, Supermarket Sweep was one of my favorite after school game shows. Host Dave Ruprecht lead a fast and fun paced program in an environment where everyone thought they had the answers. Then there was the final round involving the mad dash around the store. It was all so great to watch.

And now Supermarket Sweep is back, this time on Sunday nights. And we’re getting Saturday Night Live alum, Leslie Jones, running the action and the teasers look like they’re going to do an effective job in capturing that wild final sequence we all loved back in the 90s.

It’s going to get that chance in a prime time environment, where the networks are just throwing any kind of game show reboot on the wall and seeing if it will stick in this COVID networking world.

Supermarket Sweep could be different. And the difference here is the power for this show to get people to stop changing the channel. It’s about the game’s environment and energy, and if Jones imports her skills from her other work, there is no reason why it can’t earn it’s audience in a TV ecosystem that has been lagging over the past few months with nothing really differnt to give us.

There is also the more athletic aspect of the game. People are running around a store. It’s active. It’s not just people talking behind three podiums. This is the same kind of physical element that gets people watching celebrities dancing and singing in animal costumes. It’s just something we’re not being lazily fed.

There is also the strategic element involved. Frozen turkeys and contact lenses guys. Don’t waste your time grinding coffee. All of that should be here tonight. ‘

If it’s done right, it will be a good time and a successful reboot of an enjoyed generation x favorite.

It’s airing on ABC. Check your local listings.

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