Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings should listen to constituents and appoint Nicole Wilson to CFX board

One of the decisions Orange County voters made on election night was a referendum to protect Split Oak Forest. The debate over whether a toll road should run through the land has been one of the fiercest development battles in the tri county area of the modern era.

One Orange County Commissioner, in part, lost reelection over it. Now Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings has to pick her replacement (story HERE).

It should be the new commissioner that was elected by the people to speak on this specific matter, Attorney Nicole Wilson.

The decision shouldn’t be that difficult for the Mayor to make.

Three county commissioners have already voted in favor of the tollroad. That should eliminate them from consideration.

Of the remaining two, one is beginning her second term which means less of a line of accountability to the people, and the other doesn’t have the background of her new colleague in district 1.

And it’s important that we listen to the people when it comes to appointments on these expressway boards.

The now eliminated Orlando-Orange County Expressway Board let it’s appointments get away from them and they fell into a pit of corruption. It remains one of the most embarrassing chapters in the story of Orlando transportation (story HERE).

Here we have the people of Orange County telling you who they want on the board. It’s the exact opposite of what they have on the board.

In the newspaper article, the Mayor says he considers all of the commissioners on the board environmentally sensitive to the needs of the county.

At least three of them weren’t sensitive enough or we wouldn’t even be debating this.

Let’s get past this tiresome election by making sure that the newly elected officials selected by the people get the chance to make an immediate difference on the issues they were elected for.

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