Internet Cartoon elimination poll reminds us mainstream will never truly appreciate Rick and Morty

Two gotta go!

You’ve seen the type of internet polls or memes that force you to choose between four fairly popular brands and “eliminate” half of them from existence.

Rick Sanchez would likely hate them. Because they’re dumb. But still, we tolerate them because we love to consider hard but imaginary decisions.

Still, four of the great cartoons of the last 30 years were slapped on a graphic and social media had to eliminate two of the four.

The Simpsons
Spongebob Squarepants
Family Guy
And Rick Morty.

Sadly, our Grandfather-Grandson duo did the worst. It wasn’t even close.

You can’t blame the people for choosing the Simpsons. They’ve been around for 30 years and for the majority of that time, they’ve had to tell family friendly humor. They can’t go low like other cartoons on this list.

But Spongebob? While, it has it’s place in meme culture and can be appreciated for preserving the sanity of parents all over the United States for distracting their children, it doesn’t belong in the same room as Rick and Morty. It’s chess and checkers.

And while Family Guy was arguably the first to really throw out the rule book with adult animation, and Seth McFarlane deserves recognition for some great work, the majority of Family Guy’s run has unfortunately been not that funny. Something happened after that 100th episode.

You could probably figure out by now, my picks were the Simpsons and Rick and Morty.

The truth is that Rick and Morty is just so funny and intelligent. It doesn’t go for the low hanging fruit and there are jokes that have gotten past a lot of viewers upon and episode’s first viewing.

And I say first viewing because it’s the easiest to rewatch from the four shows.

Casual fans don’t get it because it’s the youngest show on this list. And sadly, it also has fan who are snobs and can’t appreciate sticking to your favorites, while also understanding that others can be right as well, even if it doesn’t agree with your tastes perfectly.

So sadly Rick and Morty didn’t make the cut because Rick wouldn’t want the show to make the cut. The smartest man in the galaxy, would want a smart show where the laughs have to be earned.

And while we can appreciate that, it still sells the greatness of one of the best animated experiences on television too short. And that’s unfortunate.

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