Reactions: Josh Jacobs trolls Fantasy Football owners on the most important week of their year

Football players don’t often care for Fantasy Football owners. That is for good reason. When players get hurt, it’s often Fantasy Football owners complaining on social media about the player’s toughness that is keeping their team from winning. This demonstrates not only a remarkable level of insensitivity, but to the player, it tells them you don’t care about their health for the right reasons.

Today, Las Vegas Raiders running back, Josh Jacobs, got a little revenge.

He posted on Instagram “Sorry guys, I”m not playing today.” with some laughing emoji’s next to it. That was enough to set off social media fantasy football players, who are already nervous (story HERE).

Here were some reactions online. His trick appears to have worked.

On the real football field, this is an important game for Las Vegas, who is jockeying for a wild card spot in the playoffs, with the Kansas City Chiefs won the verge of winning their fifth straight AFC West title.

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