New airline support animal rules could be problematic for some veterans

Unfortunately, the Department of Transportation is allowing the airline industry to crack down on support animals on their flight. The new rules will require owners of service animals to fill out a form for consideration, and give airlines the ultimate say on what is a service animal and what is a pet (story HERE).

While we’ve all seen instances where the service animal rules have been abused by careless individuals, these regulations will hurt those that actually need these animals for support. So much that the move is opposed by the National Disability Rights Network (story HERE).

And it will no doubt make it tougher on veterans to bring their support animals on their travels as well.

And service animals have been an important part of treatment by veterans organizations as suicide numbers surge. We have groups that are dedicated to finding support animals for veterans to get them through the tough times.

And this measure smells of the airline lobbyists that are seeing their bottom lines go down and will stop at nothing to allow the airline industry to charge more money on their flights.

Even if that means forcing disabled veterans to travel without their needed companions.

We must remain vigilant in the coming months as these regulations are enacted. There will no doubt be cellphone video of disabled persons getting kicked out of airplanes because of a call made on the flight.

It is important that we still take care of those that require their friends and are often taking these pets along on a trip that is necessary.

Ultimately, this could have been done much better.

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