Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: Rambo

A lot of us want to feel like Rambo when we’re playing Call Of Duty Warzone, and our latest entry into our series of builds aims to do just that.

The recently added weapons and updates have given us all of the tools we need to run a loadout that will have us destroying the competition just like our action hero.

The Playstyle: Quiet when you have to be. But ready to raise hell at a moment’s notice. That’s what Rambo is. This is a great solos build for obvious reasons, but if you’re part of a team, throw that Stallone language at them and let those jokers know your going to try to run up as much kills as possible. And that’s what it’s all about here. Rambo doesn’t care about living or dying.

The Perks: We’re going to run Cold Blooded, Ghost, and Battle Hardened for a true role playing experience. But you can totally sub in Overkill if you want to double up on high round LMGs to mow down the competition.

Weapons: “Bring me the gun of Rambo”

You gotta have the *bleeping* M60.

It feels like developers had Rambo in mind when it was designed, because it is his trademark weapon and it just sounds so good and can completely run through a team when you get good with it.

Rambo should also secondary with his trusty Knife. You’ve seen how he uses this thing.

If you don’t want to RPG that hard, you can Overkill and go for another LMG or Crossbow. They’re still very much Rambo.

For explosives we’re going to run a Claymore just like he does. You can have whatever disorientation device you want. Rambo only cares about what happens afterwards.

Rambo should be a force. Get good with your M60 and the others will feel it. This is a high kill build which should win games and be a lot of fun.

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