Here is the one professional skill Call Of Duty Warzone teaches you that no one talks about

Someone throws you into a problem solving and feat executing scenario with three strangers. How do you act? What do you do?

Initiative is eventually taken and decisions are made, and those decisions, both good and bad will determine your fate.

This is what Call Of Duty Warzone does with you each and every game.

How many times have you ended up on a team and no one takes charge? Probably all the time. From the jump all the way until the last life sometimes. Many times people, despite volunteering for a team game, will go their own way and each of you fail individually.

Why aren’t we talking about the important professional trait this game builds?

The gamers talk about it, but not the way a professional supervisor or hiring manager would look at it.

You have to wonder if the good leaders in this game are actually good leaders outside of it. Or if this game is cultivating those skills.

And it’s those skills that could lead the 99.9% of gamers who won’t turn this into a career (like me) into successes in other realms of business.

It’s a travesty that not enough people emphasize that to people that don’t understand this world. Basically, it’s the same philosophy that leads the masses to believe that gaming can’t be a big business, and don’t understand why their kids want to be streamers now.

It’s because leaders can be born in the gaming realm now. Understand this.

And in closing, I just want to say that military leadership transfers to the Warzone world. My best teams have been with fellow vets.

A great unexpected reward from this excellent game.

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