Here is why Claudia Conway likely isn’t going far on American Idol

American Idol and ABC teased an appearance from Claudia Conway on their season premiere last night, and catapulting the social media buzz from it’s already deafening Bachelor night levels.

Claudia Conway is the daughter of former White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway, the controversial cable television explainer for former President Donald Trump.

I’ve been over American Idol for a long time. But I’ll be watching that season premiere.

The same reason I watched Sean Spicer on Dancing With The Stars. We tune in to see what is going to happen. Will it be a trainwreck? Will we see a conflict between the judges?

And lastly, how far will the person go?

Don’t expect Claudia Conway to go very far on American Idol. And while it’s a musical show, there are some political conflicts here.

The conflict here is Katy Perry. A big supporter of the President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton campaigns.

So much a supporter that she actually performed at the Democratic Nation Convention in 2016 and the recent inauguration.

All of this makes it hard for me to believe that she would allow Claudia to continue. It’s even teased that she gets a little angry in the preview.

And then should she happen to advance, the Idol fan base would just eat her alive on every night.

But this will be a big win for American Idol. Anything that can jolt some energy into this formula that never seems to go bad for it’s core audience will be good for me.

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