Call Of Duty Warzone Builds: The Road Raging Stalker

This is the latest entry of my Call Of Duty build series, that I have been having an awesome time playing recently.

The Road Raging Stalker drives around looking for a team straggler or an ill prepared player who isn’t paying attention, and then *splat*. That enemy who was caught sleeping, gets an Uber to the Gulag the hard way. We’ll also stalk smaller vehicles and even the occasional helicopter. And once we’ve got our targets, we don’t stop till one of us is dead.

The Playstyle: Use the Cargo Truck. Roll up behind your victim’s ride and just start blaring the horn. Start knocking them around and just ruin their day. You chase them as long as it takes. You’re crazy after all. You will give them fits. As soon as one truck gets to 50% start looking for another one.

And the key here is to know when to jump out of your vehicle and light these guys up. You’ll actually get most of your kills this way. If you’re fast enough, you’ll catch them off guard.


Slot 1 EOD: Obviously, we don’t like explosives. Double time is also a good second option.

Slot 2 Overkill: Forget Ghost. We hide from no one. They hide from us. Get yourself two good weapons.

Slot 3 Amped: Moving fast out of the vehicle is crucial. If you want a real RPG experience Tracker also works.

Weapons: Pick whichever ones you like.

I run the PKM with a big drum because I’m trying to take out vehicles a lot of times. You might also want a shotty for that quick kill when you get out. And it makes you look more crazy. I still like the sawed off 725.

We’re also going to go with C4 to rig vehicles in case someone tries to steal yours and gas grenade to slow them down.

This is a beautiful build guys. Use your scariest looking operator and wrap for your truck and give these guys a scare they’ll never forget.

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