The Bachelor: Bachelornation heads into controversial perfect storm for season finale

At the end of tonight’s episode, everything is still in tact for a perfect storm of controversy for this season of the Bachelor heading towards the season finale.

The show started with Matt James visiting his dad and confronting him about their past issues. It was an emotional beginning to the program, that had a couple of memorable moments. Including “I didn’t need pizza, I needed a dad.”

But in a week that featured fantasy suites, all eyes were on Rachel Kirkconnel, the front runner who has been the center of controversy all season for social media posts depicting the “old south” as she dates the first black bachelor in the show’s history.

And she did indeed advance to the Bachelor finale. And the teaser for next week gave us nothing. Rachel and Michelle appear to be on level footing, but show experts insist that behavior in light of the controversy points to Rachel winning.

Here are some of the reax..

We also haven’t figured in the Chris Harrison controversy which will have him stepping away from the show for the After The Rose Special. This, after he fumbled an interview adressing the controversy.

We’ve talked about potential solutions (that post HERE). The best solution would be for Matt to stay alone.

But the perfect storm is still coming at us for the season finale.

And the drama won’t be over who gets the final rose, but what real life steps the show takes to repair any damage that might be done by the unpopular decision.

Either way, we’ll all be watching. And it will trend number 1. And it will probably lead win the ratings too.

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