Tampa Bay Lightning and Florida Panthers fans will now be able to watch games on ESPN Plus and Hulu

Fans of the World Champion Tampa Bay Lightning and The Florida Panthers will now be able to tune into a streamer to catch some of their games here in the Sunshine State.

The NHL has struck a deal with Disney, which owns Hulu, ABC, and ESPN, on a seven year TV agreement that will also cross over into streamers like ESPN Plus (story HERE). The arrangement is scheduled to start in October of this year.

This is also good news for hockey fans in Florida that may be fans of teams in other markets. ESPN Plus will stream more than 1000 games next season from all over the league.

From the business angle, the deal gives the mouse more power on the sports front. The NHL was viewed by many as a rare advantage for the broadcast competition. That won’t be the case anymore.

It also makes the Hulu/Disney/ESPN bundle more attractive despite the recent price hike to $14 dollars.

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