All three traded former Orlando Magic stars have been eliminated this year, here is what’s next

Usually, players and coaches leave this poorly ran Orlando Magic organization and they win championships. Ask Frank Vogel and Dwight Howard.

But this is the end of the line for the three stars traded by the Orlando Magic this season, one of their worst in recent memory.

Nikola Vucevic and the Chicago Bulls: Did not make the playoffs. (We see you too, Billy Donovan).
Evan Fournier and the Boston Celtics: Eliminated in the first round.
Aaron Gordon and the Denver Nuggets: Eliminated in the second round.

This doesn’t absolve the Magic for these terrible trades that set the organization back a few years. But it does prove that the incompetence level that orchestrated them might not be as high it seemed.

If the Bulls and Celtics would have leveled up, then the Magic would be getting shredded right now for making their own path tougher. But everyone fails, and for a team as bad as us this season, that makes things a little more tolerable.

Of course, we should feel bad for these players. Most of them, who were good citizens during their stay here. While Shaquille O’Neal and Dwight Howard, were dealt winning hands from us during their respective championship runs, this trio was not. In fact, quite the opposite. You can look at our vacant coaching position right now and see that.

And speaking of vacant coaching positions. Becky Hammon is being rumored to interview for the job. To reiterate, she needs to be hired immediately.

So, both current and former Orlando Magic players are losers this year. Now, it’s time to focus towards the future and ensure that our stars can win while their actually still wearing our uniform.

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