At this point, Orlando Magic should wait and see about Mike Budenholzer

In what has been a terribly silent Orlando Magic coaching search, the top candidates continue to come off of the board and head elsewhere, as the team’s front office says nothing (post HERE).

Someone up there should learn that no suspense over the team’s hire is underlining their irrelevancy in the league’s culture, which is one of their big problems to begin with. No one cares about this team not having a coach right now.

But I’ll stoke the fire since no one else will.

Perhaps the team is waiting to see about Milwaukee Bucks coach, Mike Budenholzer.

While the team is currently tied in the Eastern Conference finals with the Atlanta Hawks, fans in Wisconsin understand that their only one piece away from a championship.

If they decide that it’s a coaching piece, then they could part ways from Budenholzer.

If that’s the case, then the Magic have to talk to him. Anyone with a coaching vacancy in this league should.

The truth is that Budenholzer, despite not winning the big one..yet. Is a proven winner. He’s gone farther than the Magic have in years. And he’s done it with less.

And as we’ve watched other candidates swiftly pass us by like Chauncey Billups and Jason Kidd, maybe the team should do due diligence this time.

Because, the truth is that they’re flying blind right now. At least, that’s what we’re reading with the information they have made public to us.

Let’s see what Mike Budenholzer does in these next couple of days. If the Magic should hire someone beforehand, then they really should let us know what the thought process was behind this entire thing.

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