In the end, Downtown Orlando didn’t really have a fair say on E-Scooters

One of the blind corners of municipal politics in Orlando is people from other areas of town voting on game changing issues in your neighborhood.

And for downtown, zipping around those blind corners are hundreds of electronic scooters.

We could all feel bad for Commissioner Patty Sheehan on Tuesday, who has been adamant about the problems she’s hearing from her constituents regarding the scooters.

Riders not using them correctly.
Companies not corralling them properly and leaving “scooter litter” everywhere.
Handicap ramps obstructed because someone just dropped it there.

The vote ended 6-1 in favor of allowing the scooters to stay, with Sheehan alone in opposition.

If you look at the map, it’s not an exaggeration to say that about 85% of these scooters are in the downtown area near Lake Eola, Thorton Park, and the surrounding areas. But that area’s vote meant nothing today.

At first, I was all for the scooters. I was at the test drive. But that was under the condition of the concerns laid out at the meeting. It was mentioned that the city gets $50K in revenue. Well, that’s not a lot at all.

If I were on the City Council, I would have insisted on some enforcement mechanisms.

But that’s not the way it went.

Listen, the scooters are fun. And they can help get you around downtown pretty well. But be considerate. And if you see them being neglected or some jerk leaving them where there not supposed to be, then say something.

But a 6-1 vote in the area falling the wrong way of the person that represents it just seems wrong.

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