The Bachelorette: The Katie season has been boring so far

Perhaps, showrunners wanted something more low key after the last two season of dumpster fires, but they may be over compensating on this Katie Thurston edition of The Bachelorette.

While the fourth-wall breaking premise of guys coming on the show only to get famous may have been interesting the last two weeks, it hit a wall last night and it was just really an episode of dull discussions. Bringing back Blake was interesting but he was famous for his chemistry with Clare and even Chris Harrison on what was ultimately Tayshia’s show. Bennett would have been a better choice on a season where we need to have fun again.

There might be some fear from everyone involved with the show on moving too quickly after losing Chris Harrison on that disastrous Matt James season. But we’re not getting good TV right now. By the time the dreadful Celebrity Dating Game comes on, I’m ready to throw my remote at the TV.

Even on social media, where the show is the undisputed king/queen whenever it’s on, it was slow to move up the trends last night, losing ground to WWE wrestling, the NBA playoffs, and the NHL Stanley Cup. Tough competition for sure, but this show doesn’t trend second to anything.

The talent is certainly here. I believe Katie, Tayshia, and Kaitlyn can keep an audience. This is because they’ve already done it. We need more fun dates and happy moments. Basically, we need to get back to what got us all here to begin with such a long time ago.

Let’s see where we go as we continue to narrow down this field of guys. But we need some changes or the conclusion of this season will resemble more of a crawl than a sprint.

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