We have only ourselves to blame for COVID rebound in Orlando

Infection rates for COVID 19 have seen a rebound here in the greater Orlando area in recent weeks, jumping up to percentages that have local officials worried (story HERE).

And most of those numbers are due to people that haven’t been vaccinated. Yikes.

That falls on us.

Really, I would love to dunk on the politicians on this one. They’ve set us up for failure here in Orlando with no affordable housing and poor pay.

But when it comes to vaccine deployment, they’ve done everything right.

Anyone that wants the vaccine can get it with no trouble. The operation at Barnett Park is a well oiled machine where a whole family can get in and out in less than a half hour.

This is in addition to private operations at various drug stores and companies. They’re doing everything they can to get shots in arms.

We’re the ones goofing up here. It’s vaccine hesitation that is stopping us.

The main culprit is people waiting on other people. You know who you are. You’re waiting for everyone else to get the shot that way you don’t have to. That’s not working. Get the shot.

There are others that are worried about side effects. That’s a little more understandable. But there is more danger to everyone involved in not getting vaccinated.

And then there are the ones I can relate to. We can’t afford to take off of work. We have bills. We need employers to step up here and allow their workers to get this done.

That’s the only we’re going to beat this. Let’s get it done together.

This way we can turn our focus back to holding our elected officials responsible for all of the other things they’re messing up.

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