Ron DeSantis is trying to find his red MAGA hat with merchandising push

As Florida Governor Ron DeSantis looks past his reelection challenge next year and examines a possible run at the White House in 2024, we’re seeing a new merchandising push from his supporters.

Over the last week, we’ve seen shirts, koozies, and stickers with his new angry campaign font, and phrases poking fun at pandemic specialist, Anthony Fauci, that say “Don’t Fauci My Florida”.

DeSantis continues to draw from the Donald Trump playbook in this regard.

In addition to tough stance on immigration, labor, and social issues, DeSantis understands that the more he moves like Trump, the more likely he’ll get the nomination to challenge Joe Biden in three years, if Trump doesn’t run.

That means he needs his own version of the red “Make America Great Again” hat.

You know the one I”m talking about. The now infamous accessory that was sold this time five years ago, and was selling for up to $75 dollars in some places. The hat even had it’s own story line on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

While it may mean something much more different in today’s world among independents and moderates, it still means a lot among conservative primary voters.

And it should be his campaign team’s goal to get as many people as possible sporting this merchandise.

You might expect the message to lighten up a little bit as we move towards next fall. I’m not so sure anymore.

DeSantis only moved slightly to the center in 2018, maybe he thinks he just slam through any opposition without change next year.

And it starts with this merch.

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