Orlando without a car (entry 5): Solution attempt #1, a virtual alternative

Orlando without a car is a Orlando Opinion series highlighting the ultra car dependent culture of Central Florida, and how a lack of action after decades is contributing to a poor quality of life for residents.

Okay. Orlando without a car is really tough. You already knew that before you visited the blog.

But enough time feeling bad for myself. What are some solutions?

Well, public transportation in Orlando is junk. And most employers don’t want you even if you do use LYNX or Sunrail (story HERE). Local leaders want us to keep pouring more money into these systems that don’t work. That’s off the table.

What else?

Virtual work. Try to find some way to make money at home. Struggle to run the errands and have a decent quality of life, but at least the money will still be coming in and you can stay out of the elements (story HERE) and maybe save up enough for a new car.

But making money at home is not easy. Even in this pandemic era.

The hiring pipeline is very long for these companies. But if you can make it happen, it’s a possible workaround and a lot of industries have shifted to a virtual office because of the pandemic.

What about if you’re a blue collar guy like me? Well, I’m still working on that. And because of the lack of economic diversification in Orlando’s workforce, this isn’t a solution for a lot of people.

The bills are due in 8 days. I can tell you the anxiety is real. Sleep is disturbed and there is a crash every time you see a calendar or the date flashes on your phone.

I still miss my car.

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