There is an unreliable plasma pipeline struggling Orlando residents depend on

You’ve heard the commercials on the radio, or seen the ads on social media.

“Earn hundreds of extra dollars a month, donating plasma!”

And everyday, hundreds of struggling residents in Orlando will make their way to one of the many donation centers and take that uncomfortable step to try to survive.

The plasma donation industry is a cog in the pharmaceutical machine worth billions and billions.

I’ve given before. A couple of years ago when they advertised incentives for veterans, and more recently when I hit hard times. The money is real. It’s almost immediately available and comes on a bank card (with big fees).

The problems occur when Orlando residents start depending on that money to make ends meet.

You see, these centers can deny you for a variety of reasons. If your pulse is too high (because you had to walk in the 100 degree heat to get there), you can’t give. If you’re running a fever, you can’t give. And there are dozen other reasons.

This can be devastating if you’re looking on this method of income to pay your bills or buy your groceries.

And there is a physical toll as well. These needles can leave bruises on your arms for days.

We have a large number of residents in Orlando who have to get into that chair to pay their bills. And that’s troubling.

The solution here is better paying jobs. We have to get our residents to a point where they don’t need that needle to get the bills paid.

Plasma donation does have it’s purpose rooted on positive ground. They do develop medicines and as an additional source of income, it can be useful.

But our neighbors shouldn’t have to depend on it to stay in their homes.

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