Predatory application fees are still feeding on struggling families in Orlando

Imagine if someone took $700 from your children?

$700 in groceries.
$700 in school supplies.
$700 worth of clothing. Off of their backs.

That’s what happened to one struggling Orlando family who had $700 in application fees taken from them but still finds themselves living in a Kissimmee hotel (story below).

That’s what happens when you’re looking for housing in Orlando. Predatory application fees.

We’re talking about companies that will take anywhere between $50-$100 from you that is completely non refundable and is under no obligation to still rent from you.

This happens to Orlando families everyday. Most of the time, the landlords will take your money through an online portal and you won’t even speak to anyone.

And there is no way around it. You can try a private landlord (if you can find one) but even they have to run a check. At least there, you could probably get a straight answer.

But in the meanwhile, you get Orlando families like the one above, getting ripped off.

That’s wrong. There is no explanation or reasoning to justify it.

Legislation that has tried to reel in these parasitic practices have failed. These landlords and property managers have taken what are supposed to be protections, and turned them into a tax on Central Florida families who are just trying to find the most basic of all needs.

A home.

And while they do this, they’ll continue to take money from your kids. In this case, $700.

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