Florida veterans must focus on preventive health measures during uncertain times

The pandemic has stressed the Department of Veterans Affairs health system to it’s limits, especially here in Orlando where COVID numbers have been among the highest in the nation (story HERE).

But the pandemic has only underlined what a lot of veterans find out the hard way eventually. The VA health system is missing the proper resources. And high quality care might not always be there when we need it. Yes, you’ll hear high-up administrators within the system say otherwise, but there is much evidence to the contrary.

This is why we have to stay healthy. And take preventive health measures seriously.

It means staying fit to fight. It’s unfortunate how fast a lot of transitioning vets lose their physical conditioning soon after they get out. I’m not exempt. I certainly put on a couple of pounds after getting out.

Though, it’s not completely their fault. Here in Orlando, the path to success after transition is hard, especially with low wages and no affordable housing. There isn’t always time to go to the gym when you’re trying to support your family.

But staying in shape is a great first step to pushing away potential health problems.

Sadly, we also live in complicated times where preventive health also means taking care of yourself mentally.

The cases of veterans suicides in Florida remain among the highest in the nation (story HERE). Another fact high-up administrators don’t want to talk about.

We’re left in a position where we have to guard our physical and mental health.

But there is good news. We’re trained to. We just can’t allow ourselves to forget that training. We know what the good habits are. We just have to commit to sticking to those habits when we get out.

Because here in the “real world” we’re the only person we can depend on for that.

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