Orlando must improve construction speed of affordable housing units

Tonight, there will be members of a family of five going to sleep on the floor of an Orlando area motel room that was designed for two.

There will be children going to bed in the back of a mini van in a Wal Mart parking lot.

And sadly, there will be a whole population of struggling individuals saying goodnight in tree line campground because they don’t have a home.

This is because Orlando ignored it’s affordable housing problem for years, and now hard working residents will have to pay the price. Yes, many of the people struggling work 40+ hours a week.

There will be those that try to deflect the immediate need with the “hopes” of completing some affordable housing by late 2022 or 2023.

Forgive us if we hold off on the celebration, but those families don’t have two years for stable housing. They need it now. They needed it a long time ago when they couldn’t afford the unfair rent increase pushed on them by their landlords.

The speed of construction is a problem. It’s disgraceful of how quickly we can build thousands of units of overpriced apartments, but we move so slowly on the affordable units with our neighbors suffering.

It’s cruel. And there are people getting wealthy off of that cruelty.

We have to keep pushing our community to do better. This is just not a problem for the lower income community. A prosperous Orlando that rewards the hard workers with fairly priced housing, will yield rewards for all of us.

The fact is that some of these homeless individuals are students in our schools. This is our future. They deserve the opportunity to grow in a community where their hard working parents can give them a shot at success. They’re not getting it now.

And they certainly don’t have years to wait.

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