The Batman: the Pros and Cons of the latest trailer

In what was a late Christmas present to fans, Warner Bros released the latest trailer for The Batman, which is due out on March 4th. Our latest glimpse into the anticipated picture had some highs and some lows.

First. Take a look for yourself.

Impressive? Right?

Let’s break down the pros and cons.

The Pros:

Robert Pattinson looks promising: Let’s face it. The early clips haven’t given us much of a look at our latest Bruce Wayne. This trailer frames Pattison really well. He’s got the look, the bass in the voice, and everything we need in a Batman.

The Riddler: This Riddler looks menacing and he looks like he’s going to push our caped crusader pretty hard.

Action. Lots of it
: How about that fight on the bridge? It looked awesome. The Batmobile looks sharp. We need these sequences to work. The Justice League stuff didn’t get it done.

The Cons:

“I’ve got nine of them”: Yikes, Zoe Kravitz. I adored you in High Fidelity and Big Little Lies. You should have vetoed that Catwoman line. That was “Batman and Robin-esque”.

We can’t see anything: Matt Reeves sure likes his darkness. There is a lot of stuff going on that we can’t even recognize. Let’s hope its sharper on the big screen.

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