WWE Smackdown: Good to see Lita again, Seth and Roman reheated the right way

Smackdown has been an up and down product in recent weeks, but they provided enough excitement tonight to get me interested again.

It was good to see Lita again. It’s nothing new to see the WWE Hall of Famer showing up here and there, but they’re giving her sometime and she seems to be having fun out there. And when the legends are invested and having a good time then its usually good TV.

She needs to have a good run in the Royal Rumble. In fact, I wouldn’t even mind her winning if it can jolt some energy into this very shorthanded division. Charlotte was fine, but that familiar fatigue from seeing her on top of the division so often and so long wears quickly.

Seth vs. Roman had me rolling my eyes last week. But they had a good night. Roman is basically a different personality on the mic since the last time these two met and it shows. If they can keep this energy for two more weeks and give us a good match at the Rumble, I can deal with that. Let’s have the Usos chase Rollins on RAW too. That will give that tired show a jolt.

As for the rest of Smackdown, it was pretty forgettable. Let’s set up some of the pieces up for the Rumble. The roster is so shorthanded they need to tap into the energy of one of the most exciting matches of the year.

Happy Corbin and Madcap Moss are still the worst thing on Wrestling TV right now. I’m going to start muting their segments. This is not it.

See you next week!

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