Wrestlemania Night One: Big returns rule the night

Wrestlemania Night one is in the books, and while I”m normally very critical of the WWE product, it wasn’t too bad. I think most of the matches were pretty solid, and the payoff for months of relatively boring build up ended up better than expected.

Let’s look at some points.

The return of Cody ended up about as well as to be expected: The return of the evening was Cody Rhodes. The presentation was on point, and it was a really good match. I actually believe we have to throw some credit towards Seth Rollins as well. His gimmick is kind of hit and miss, but it played nicely before that crowd.

Charlotte vs. Ronda was a “meh” match up: It’s good seeing Ronda back in the ring. But we’ve seen this match before. And while the outcome was unexpected, it does raise the question over what WWE does with Ronda next. Was that it? Is Ronda the new Goldberg? It’s a fair question. She doesn’t need wrestling.

Stone Cold looked like he was having a lot of fun out there: The return of the Rattlesnake was also a home run. Man, I forgot how much I missed watching Stone Cold wrestle. His brawler style is still unreplicated. No one slugs it out like he does. He wanted to smile a few times. We could see it. We were all having a great night.

How does night 2 top that? I’m not sure they can. It will come down the main event, because the rest of the card doesn’t look that impressive.

I’ll see you then!

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