WWE Hell In A Cell: Many fans don’t think Cody Rhodes should have wrestled

Tonight, as WWE Hell In A Cell came to a close, we all already knew what people would be talking about tomorrow.

Cody Rhodes and the bruise.

Upon news that he had been injured, WWE fans saw as Rhodes approached the ring for the main event against Seth Rollins and prepare for his fight, which involved revealing a nasty purpilish-red bruise on his chest near his armpit area.

Fans questioned the decision to allow him to wrestle.

And according to a small sample FTR Twitter poll, the strong majority of fans believed he should not be wrestling. You can view that poll below…

Rhodes did indeed go on to compete, and defeat Seth Rollins once again. The contest did not involve a title. The Hell In A Cell pay per view is the first time WWE has aired a main event that did not include Roman Reigns since his lighter schedule has come into play.

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