Here are the best neighborhoods to canvass in Orlando for GOTV

We’re hitting the main campaign stretch for 2022 elections, and with a wild number of candidates seeking office this year, there will be canvassers out every single day, in every neighborhood for almost every office you can think of (story HERE).

Over the past 14 years I’ve hit almost every neighborhood you can imagine in the greater Orlando area. Some neighborhoods are great for reaching voters at the door. Some aren’t.

In my opinion, a great canvassing neighborhood is one that will allow you to reach the most voters in as little time as possible, while dealing with as few obstacles as possible. (Keep in mind, most apartment complexes prohibit political campaigning)

Let’s take a look at some of my favorite neighborhoods to get out the vote at the doorstep in the greater Orlando area.

Baldwin Park: Everybody loves Baldwin Park. I can’t tell you how many campaign kick offs I’ve seen and done there. The doors are close together. The people are generally friendly. And it’s in the middle of the Orlando area. It’s also a gorgeous place to walk around.

Hunter’s Creek: Here you’ve got hundreds of duplex doors full of voters. Its a very friendly neighborhood and there are also a lot of active Hispanic voters. Its not an exaggeration that any operatives you have in the area will have at least half of their conversations in Spanish out here.

Goldenrod: Subdivision after subdivision of kind voters. Many who have been in the area for decades. And there are also some newer residents who have been very receptive as well.

Lake Nona: It’s like Baldwin Park but with a further drive for a lot of people. But the voters are engaged and I’ve some great followings built there.

Lockhart: Obviously, I’m biased. I grew up there. But there are fewer communities with more circular subdivisions. Which means you can park your car, finish your packet and not have to move your vehicle once.

What are some of your favorite neighborhoods to canvass in the area. Let me know on Twitter @MrFrankTorres

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