What TBS did to Nasim Pedrad and “Chad” was really messed up

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Early this afternoon, TBS announced it would not be moving forward with season 2 of “Chad” which stars well liked SNL alumnist, Nasim Pedrad. Pedrad is also executive producer of the show.

In part, TBS said the following…

“We celebrate and thank Nasim Pedrad, the passionate creator, executive producer and star of the series, for sharing a bold, unexpected coming of age story with heart and humor.”

Yeah, whatever.

This is just terrible decision making by TBS. Or perhaps, just bad work in not making a decision. You don’t greenlight a second season and then decide to pull it a couple of hours beforehand.

What are we getting in it’s place? More reruns of the Big Bang Theory?

Honestly who knows…

Pedrad took it in stride telling Deadline…

“Did I expect my show to get caught in the crosshairs of a corporate restructuring and merger? No.” and continued “I feel so lucky that Chad has an incredibly loyal fanbase. I know they’re going to love this season and I’m excited for the show to find a new home.”

Good for her. She took the high road.

This is why people keep moving closer and closer to streamers instead of cable TV. There is a lot more predictability, and shows get a better test of what they’re capable of.

Season 2 is already shot. Let’s hope it does indeed find a new home.

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