Emmys 2022: Let’s talk about that Atlanta snub

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The 2022 Emmy nominations were announced today and “Atlanta” was snubbed in the Best Comedy category.

It’s hard to think of a show that was as creative and well directed as Atlanta (the only other show is “Barry”, which got its well deserved nominations).

There was the “Three slaps” premiere which served as a modern day fable. There was “White Fashion” which shined a light on social justice charity exploitation. There was “Trini 2 de Bone” which was both a reminder and salute to the importance of nannies.

We had the black and white episode.

Club Cancelled and that entire trip.

And that finale which appeared to cover every genre.

I just don’t know what this show has to do to get a nomination.

Now, I always say if you’re going to critique award nominations then justify, your pick by pulling another nominee.

That’s easy. Hacks (which deserves acting honors), The Marvelous Ms. Maisel (plenty of hardware already) and Curb Your Enthusiasm (where I’m sure Larry David probably would have picked Atlanta over his own show).

Now, the program didn’t come away empty handed. Hiro Murai got a nod for directing and Donald Glover for acting.

But Bill Hader could take both of those trophies and it would be justified. No one else can or should.

It’s unfortunate, you know.

Atlanta truly is creative television that requires some advanced thinking. To see it come away empty handed would be a television tragedy.

And even worse, it would prevent others from trying to be just as creative.

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