ESPN Plus 43% price hike is insanely bad deal for TV viewers

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I’m sorry, but when did ESPN Plus become such an outstanding streaming service that it warranted a 43% price hike to subscribers?

The answer is that it hasn’t.

Still, that’s what we’re getting (story HERE), and the mouse, who owns Disney backed ESPN believes its the way to go.

The truth is that ESPN Plus, on its own, is barely worth half that.

There is the double dipping on UFC Pay Per Views, where subscribers still have to have to pay a premium to watch the big fights.

And then there is the lack of a growing library. If you’ve seen all the 30 for 30s and get your fill of Stephen A. Smith on First Take and ABC NBA coverage, then I really can’t suggest too much more.

The truth is that they can’t either.

This is why they have to cross platform their stuff on Disney Plus and Hulu. There isn’t enough people watching it on the strength of ESPN Plus alone.

But they’re raising prices regardless of how much we watch it now.

The strategy is that I believe they’re pushing people towards the big bundle which includes Hulu, Disney Plus, and ESPN Plus. That is actually a terrific deal.

For now. Until Disney decides to raise the price of that too.

Decision makers should ask themselves what happened to Netflix when they got greedy? It didn’t work out too well.

If they’re not careful, they could get burned here too.

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