Lets trust our veterans in Florida classrooms under new teaching law

Right now, Florida is in the midst of a catastrophic teacher shortage. Many of our educators have been priced out of the state by unfair rent costs, and out of area investors who have bought all of the housing inventory.

And that’s a problem because I believe that it will be teachers and nurses who carry our society into the future. Here we are in Florida with not enough of either of them.

What this shortage led to was the crafting and now implementation of a new Florida law that allows veterans without a bachelor’s degree to be hired for teaching positions. They would still need to pass the educator’s exams, earn 60 college credits with a certain GPA, and they would have to have been honorably or medically discharged.

This would be a temporary certificate. They would have five years to complete all of the requirements and have a teacher mentor to help them along.

This can work if we give it a chance. In comparison, the requirements for substitute teachers are much more relaxed.

Now, I can empathize with those who might not like some of the conditions of the law. There are teachers who did the work. They believe others should have to do the same. I can certainly relate to that and so can many of the veterans stepping up to fill this need.

But we’ve failed to pay our teachers enough, and now we’re running up the cost of living on them and now we’re suffering the consequences. Real reform is needed.

We should let our veterans help until we can fix this busted system.

Education in Florida is in a bad place. Let’s allow some of our bravest men and women to have their chance to do some great things in the classroom.

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