The undeniable teamwork and chemistry of United States veterans

It’s been a while since I served. A long while. But when I arrived at my veterans college program last week at a college up north, and was thrown into a room of other vets and forced to navigate complicated materials, it didn’t take long before we became a cohesive team.

About an hour actually.

That’s right. Men and women from all over the country, California to Florida, and of all ages, formed an alliance and began making progress on our school projects immediately.

Honestly, it was like I never left the service. And I had fun too.

How is it like this? Why is it that you can stick a room of veterans together in an unpredictable environment and immediately see progress?

It could be the training. After all, not long after entering the military, you’re forced to work with whatever squad you’re put on. You don’t get to choose. And you have to “level up” together and acquire new skills while accomplishing your missions.

And this happens in our military almost every single day. And not just in the beginning of our careers but for the entirety of them.

I miss it, if we’re being honest.

The week is over, and we’ve all returned to our lives. Here I am, in a professional limbo waiting to see what’s next and wondering why I ever got out of the military to begin with.

But it was nice to be a part of something again with my brothers and sisters in arms. And I’ll be waiting for the next opportunity to do so.

Veterans have a bond that allow us to do some exceptional things together. I’m happy to see that chemistry never truly goes away.

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