PACT Act “No” vote from Rick Scott hurts Florida Veterans waiting for benefits

Yesterday was not a good day in the Senate for United States Veterans.

The PACT Act or Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act, which aims to improve health care for veterans suffering from burn pit smoke and the effects of Agent Orange, failed there (story HERE).

Florida Senator Marco Rubio voted “yes”. Thank you, senator.

Florida Senator Rick Scott voted “no”. And that’s painful.

Probably because I’ve followed the governor for over 12 years now. There is no reason why he should have turned this away.

He’s a veteran himself. We’ve had discussions about it. And he wears a Navy hat during every disaster that falls on the state.

I think he needs to put that hat away for a little bit.

Because there was no non-political reason to vote against this legislation. Especially when you represent a state that has 1.7 million veterans in it and growing.

Now, the delays continue. We have veterans who have suffered from chemical exposure that have been waiting for help for years. And now they’re going to keep waiting.

We’re a tough group that learns to keep going, but when we’ve got politics kneecapping our determination to power through opposition, it’s tough.

And the worst part of these votes is that many of these lawmakers go on acting as if nothing happened.

Something did happen this time. We lost ground on benefits.

Listen, I love my home state. But we’re among the leaders in veterans suicides and veterans homelessness. We have to do better.

It’s my hope that Senator Scott does what he has to in order to make this right.

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