WWE Summerslam: Triple H taking Io Shirai and Dakota Kai off of the bench makes the product instantly better

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In 24 hours, Triple H has overhauled the WWE Women’s Division and made it easily better.

And it wasn’t really that hard. Triple H just had to use the same judgement that built the potential of these superstars and push past the nonsense that keeps these excellent athletes from reaching their ceiling.

We saw it last night with Shotzi and hopefully, Lacey Evans (story HERE).

Tonight, we had Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair put on the great match that everyone knows they can do, and then they added a finish we’ll never forget after Bianca retained.

We got Bayley back. And boy, did we miss her.

Io Shirai got called up. And goodness knows she’s been ready for the big shows for some time.

And in an effort to make things right, the return of Dakota Kai. A hard worker that never should have been released to begin with.

And a bonus! It looks like we might get a face Becky Lynch back. This whole heel turn has been forced. Let her take her return to her place at the top by being the athlete we all want to cheer for.

I couldn’t believe how happy I was. And I kept asking myself, “Was it really that hard? Did the change in leadership really push 6 or 7 stars in the same division in just 24 hours?

But here we are. I can tell you that this is the first time in a long time that I’m excited about the WWE Women’s Division.

Just awesome stuff.

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