Orange County Transportation Penny Sales Tax: It will be the new abused Sadowski fund

Do you know what the Sadowski Fund is? Most people don’t. Don’t worry.

It’s Florida’s dedicated monetary resource for affordable housing. But every year, state lawmakers raid the funds to use it on whatever they want. It’s the Tallahassee version of Lucy holding the football and Charlie Brown falling on his rear. We expect it will be used to help. But it never is.

This year they used it on a “Hometown Heroes” home buying program, that may have had some good intentions, but is still out of reach of myself and other applicants because the lenders don’t even know about it and the criteria is too tight.

But if you’re thinking about supporting the Orange County Transportation Penny Sales Tax this year, you should think of the Sadowski fund, because because I fear the money will be raided the exact same way.

You may support enduring the $390 annual burden of the tax because you think it may be going to buses and trains (story HERE).

They’ll cite a study that says tourists will pay that tax. You know who did that study? The regional tourism agency you also fund.

Instead, it will go for more lanes on interstates and more bonuses for transportation vendors and executives.

This is because the measure was forced on the ballot without the proper safety language. This means the lobbyists will have the power (like they do with everything in Orange County Government right now).

And just like Sadwoski, you’ll be paying into it but getting nothing back.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that kind of money just to pick up some “Suit’s” European vacation. Exaggeration? Not really.

Seriously, the raiding of the Sadwoski Fund hurts countless Florida families every year.

And I don’t want Orange County families to get exploited twice under this proposed Orange County Transportation Penny Sales Tax.

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