Monday Night Trends: FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago shakes up the usual WWE vs. Bachelorette battle

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The Monday night trending wars are usually intense, but also very predictable.

WWE Monday Night RAW
The Bachelorette/Bachelor
Monday Night Football (if its football season)

And on and on..

But this Monday night featured the FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago, as federal agents emerged on the South Florida compound of former President Donald Trump.

Political social media is still often the most powerful social media, as amateur pundits aired their interpretations of what they believed was happening.

The raid of Mar-a-Lago pushed Monday Night RAW to second in the 8PM hour as the brawlers continued their renaissance under a new creative team lead by Triple H.

Third was the death of Olivia Newton John as tributes and In Memoriam remarks continued to come in from the time the news was announced in the middle of the afternoon. The “Grease” star was 73.

And then we had the Bachelorette come in fourth as Gaby Windey and Rachel Recchia continue their drama filled quest to find love. This season hasn’t been trending as high as previous seasons of the social media titan.

Finally, we had Ezra Miller continue his spree of terrorizing random places across the United States (I actually did a reaction post HERE).

A busy night on social media indeed.

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