Here is who Orlando real estate is really hurting by suing to stop rent stabilization in Orange County

Orlando Real Estate professionals in Orange County are the worst people in the community right now. As they prepare to open a palatial headquarters right next a sports car and yacht dealership parallel to I4, they’re currently suing against the will of our public officials, and trying to prevent us from voting for fair rent measures in Orange County this November.

This is who they are really hurting by trying to overturn the will of our elected leaders and preventing us from using our voice.

They’re hurting school children. Many who are already living in hotels and cars because of them.

They’re hurting their school teachers, as we face a terrible teacher shortage in the area that is leaving our children uneducated.

They are hurting our seniors. Our mothers and fathers, who are living on fixed income and can’t handle the parasitic rent increases by Orlando real estate.

They are hurting our veterans. We fought for their rights. And they turned around and locked us out of our own homes.

They are hurting our nurses. When you’re loved ones are in pain and can’t get relief because of a care shortage in the hospital, its because of Orlando real estate.

They are hurting our first responders. When that fire is raging and there aren’t enough firefighters, look at Orlando real estate. They’re the ones responsible.

They are hurting our house pets. We know this as we see our shelters badly over populated because families can’t afford to keep their cats and dogs anymore. When those animals get the needle. It’s because of Orlando real estate.

So, whenever you see someone suffering in Orange County, and they’re looking for answers over why they are working 60+ hours a week and still can’t house their families.

You tell them it’s because of Orlando real estate.

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