Val Demings shouldn’t be ducking President Joe Biden during his visit in her hometown of Orlando

File this under your “strange story” of the day.

When President Joe Biden comes to Central Florida next week, he’ll be flanked by every major member of his party from the area, in an effort to rally the electorate to the polls in November.

Every major member except for Congresswoman Val Demings. Arguably, the biggest name from Orlando as far as name ID across the country (story HERE).

Why? Because she’s afraid to lose ground in her senate race against incumbent Marco Rubio, where she trails in the polls by varying margins, depending on which one you’re looking at.

It’s weird.

Because, Val Demings, who’s entire career in the House of Representatives revolved around going after Donald Trump, falls right into the playbook of the Biden administration’s anti-MAGA push.

I can’t think of a lawmaker in Florida that can push that narrative better than Val Demings.

It’s also strange because two years ago, we thought Val Demings might be Vice President. She was a top tier candidate before losing out to Kamala Harris.

But now she can’t even be a part of the program? She can’t rally the troops for a 4 minute speech?

What about Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings? Will he stump with Joe Biden?

Because, if not, all of the sudden, you’ve got two key leaders from Orlando that won’t be in attendance.

It doesn’t make sense. And it’s a bad look.

If the President was going to have Orlando lawmakers ducking him, then he should have just chose another area.

Because if the senate candidate for your visit doesn’t want to be seen with you, then something is wrong. With both your operation and theirs.

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