Ghosts: 5 Big Questions for Season 3 and Beyond

UPDATE: Some of these questions got answered this season. So, I’ve added some new ones. Enjoy!

There was not a new episode of Ghosts on CBS this week, plummeting us into a weekend without joy as we begin to suffer the withdrawal from our weekly meeting with our favorite spirits.

But I’m still going to throw out some new content for you guys anyways.

Mostly some questions about where the future of the show will take us. Its already been renewed for season 3 which is excellent news for a television show that is fueled by sharp humor and a kind heart.

Let’s ask some big questions for season three of “Ghosts”:

Who gets sucked off? (if anybody): The show is so good that we often forget about the actual goal of these spirits. Which is to get sucked off…To heaven. They’re each here for various reasons and their relationship with Jay and Sam is allowing them to find fulfillment. Its going to happen and its going to be bittersweet. If its Hetty or Flower, I’m going to flip.

Who gets spun off? (if anybody): CBS man. They love their spin offs. We got three FBIs and a Young Sheldon in the rotation right now. The show has dabbled in period comedy before with flashbacks featuring almost every ghost on the show. The Issac spots have actually been very good with the likes of Ben Franklin proving to be a proper villain. Lets see it.

How long do Freddie and Jessica stick around?: I think Freddie is heading towards a heel turn with his discovery of the Ghosts clicking his computer. He is of course attached to Jessica, his car ghost and Sass’ girlfriend. What happens there?

Will we get another possessed episode? And who gets a taste of life this time?: In both seasons, we’ve had a ghost possess a living person. First Hetty and Jay. Next Sam and Thor (which was hilarious by the way). They may try the ole zap zap again. How about Trevor into Jay and have him go full “90s trader-bro”?

When will we learn who killed Alberta?: The show has brought this up a couple of times, and its a neat side story. Will we get an answer this season? The next? Ever?

Will Jay and Sam eventually become ghosts at the Woodstone?: Because we enjoy the program, it seems almost appropriate. But becoming a ghost trapped at the Woodstone isn’t necessarily a good thing. And you would almost want them to be a package deal. This might be the biggest question of them all.

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