The Last of Us: The mainstream might not be ready for the original ending (No Spoilers)

Relax, there are no spoilers for The Last of Us series on HBO here.

If you’re like the legions of fans of the video game franchise or those who are simply new to the mythology, then there is an excellent chance that you’re anxiously awaiting the second episode of “The Last of Us” which will air on HBO tomorrow night. The premiere was outstanding.

But if you’re a fan of the game, you know that the ending of the story is very untraditional. We have important people doing things that you may understand, but not exactly expect them to go through with.

The trailers for the upcoming weeks of the show have hinted that there may be a very similar path here.

And that path may not play well with the mainstream audiences. Even though its on HBO, which has aired such controversial events in its programming such as the Sopranos finale, the death of important characters on The Wire, and the Red Wedding from Game of Thrones.

We know Home Box Office has repeatedly said “*bleep* your feelings. This is how it is.”

But would the original Last of Us ending be considered popular?

If we’re being completely honest, I think it would float over fine. There would be some that could be bothered at how things are ultimately resolved but I think by the time we get to the end, viewers will be acclimated to the realities of this horrifying world.

I’m sure it will be fine. Just a quick thought. Lets go back to enjoying the ride that we’ve just started.

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